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Industrial-type Fishfarming with RAS-plants:

Aquaculture offers a lucrative alternative in the production of animal protein, as it is by far the most efficient means of resources transformation. For comparison, one ton of animal feed produces 150 kg of beef or nearly one ton of fish, not to speak of the huge environmental impact of both beef and pork (enormous air and water pollution).

In industrialized as well as developing countries, consumers have become very sensitive to environmental issues and considerate in their purchasing selections. Thus closed RAS-facilities have become a well accepted standard in fish rearing, as such system avoid water pollution, clearly segregate from the few species remaining in nature, allow highest quality control and the production of the most economical species. Furthermore, RAS-facilities enable the production of very significant quantities for mass urban populations and/or for export design.

To achieve optimal economics of an industrial fishfarm, the production technology, the yield and respective input cost are of key relevance. During the last few years, we could achieve significant improvements in major areas by our consultancy, such as biological filtration, energy efficiency, water circulation, process controlling as well as value chain integration (food and sustainable energy) – to such degree that economics have markedly improved.


Aquaculture in Agriculture Farming:

Demand for fish products is huge and steadily increasing. Many farmers possess substantial underutilized buildings or desire to use their property for other purposes. RAS-facilities could provide the ideal opportunity to establish an additional or alternative income sources for traditional farmers.

Major strategic aspects to be considered:

  • While RAS-technology is now globally established, planning, construction and implementation should be considered with the assistance of experts in an early stage
  • Facility should target a yield of about 100 tons p.a. to be economically feasibly
  • Aquaculture know-how can be obtained through training external if needed
  • Marketing is paramount as is the selection of the market optimal species

We are able to provide competent consultancy, independent from any technology-supplier accompanied with experienced economical advisory. Also, we can provide guidance and introductions to external aquaculture training specialists



Aquaponics is a system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by farmed fish or other aquatic animals supplies nutrients for plants grown hydroponically, which in turn purify the water.

For operators of vegetable farms who intend to extend their field of business, aquaculture offers a long-term, ecologically sound and economic business area. The still emerging technology of aquaponics can integrate vegetable farming with fish farming in one circular system.

Transformation of existing Facilities:

For operators of existing aquaculture facilities, we offer various business improvement programs. The ensuing operational recommendations typically enable lower cost – improved yield and thus superior economics while strategic recommendations enable a potential business expansion or repositioning.

It is therefore to your very own advantage to have your existing facilities periodically reviewed by an independent and experienced outside specialist like UFTAE.

Our approach rigorously reviews the existing technology and operating processes, to determine variances with best in practice methods.

UFTAE supports you with both creativity and methods of a seasoned partners. You may take advantage of our long acquired experiences in independent and extensive know-how in the following areas:

  • Process-, Operations-, Situation Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Studies regarding production and process optimizations
  • Management-/Cost analysis
  • Energy efficiency reviews


Project Management

After a restructuring, we nowadays offer independent consulting, evaluations, expert opinions and much more for fish farms, but we do not offer project management, planning, equipment delivery, nor (turnkey) plant construction. Please find our complete service portfolio in the menu COMPETENCIES.

Initially, we clarify your ideas, intended strategy and targeted operating framework. Based on such input, coupled with our industry experience, we can prepare a first quotation to assess the technical and economic feasibility of your challenge and help you translate your vision and strategy into reality. Such process has been proven invaluable in determining the most optimal approach tailored to your needs.

An actual investment is preceded with a detailed feasibility study, which is based on the unique factors driving, influencing and impacting your case. Such factors include amongst others, technical-, real estate-, resources-, location-, human resources- and yield parameters.

Futher, the related calculations also can serve as base the arrange respective financings as well as potential offtake agreements. Our calculations are based on already established actual industry data, thus greatly increasing the planning accuracy.